Synthetic Biology: The convergence of modern software and DNA

I’ve been ranting about this in drunken pub conversations for a few years now. But finally someone with an ounce of academic credibility to back me up.

My 2030 prediction for my company is:

  • Instead of creating iPhone Apps will be creating bespoke organisms for clients:
  • IA’s will be architecting their functionality
  • GD’s will be designing how they look
  • Tech arch’s will be designing how they are built
  • Developers will be using a synthetic Biology language to write/model/build/print them
  • Testers will be testing them to make sure they meet the requirements
  • Project managers will manage these new bio-tech projects
  • And Account directors will continue to mainly play golf 😉

A further interesting discussion of this was posted up by a fellow member of the London Futurists group.

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